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the bombastic bagman

you may be wondering who’s this bombastic bagman. or you may know exactly who i’m talking about and have already started running!

the bombastic bagman was a spontanious creation by peter parker when he was once without his costume but needed to do his superhero thing. in order to conceal his identity he simply put a bag on his head and poked two holes in it for his eyes! brilliant! sadly his only appearance was in spectacular spider-man 256, peter parker having the presence of mind not to be caught without his costume, again (or perhaps having the presence of mind to realise that wearing a bag on your head might look a bit stupid). 

if i remember correctly, what happens is that once he starts fighting the bad guys he becomes extremely garrulous and for no real reason delivers a barrage of silly insults and witty comments. one of the guys then asks who he is and he proclaims himself to be the “bombastic bagman!”. hahaha! i loved it! it was just so silly.

another reason i liked it so much was that the way he behaved was very much like the spider-man of old, the one i grew up with.

i thought i’d use the name for this blog because i can be very garrulous and silly and go on and on… a bit like a bombastic bagman (i feel sorry for people sometimes…).

unforunately i can’t find any other pictures of the bombastic bagman (as opposed to the just plain “bagman”). the only one i could get i’ve put at the top right of the page. if anyone finds any other pictures please let me know.

the (amazing?) bagman

the bombastic bagman wasn’t the first spider-man incarnation to wear a bag on his head. oh, no. before him there was one simply called “the bagman”. i think. or was it the amazing bagman? either way, spidey didn’t have a costume to wear and so borrowed one from the fantastic four – with less disastrous consequences this time. why he put a bag on his head, though, only he will know…

here are two more pictures of the bagman. the first is an image of the character from the spider-man game and the second is a custom-made bagman. cool, hey?


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  1. June 18, 2007 at 9:05 am

    I know the feeling. I get to listen to you go on all the time!! Yippeee!! ; ) Blog blog blog blog blogxx

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