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well… this should be called version 3…

i just tried that blogspot, but i nearly killed myself trying to customise the header. the most disheartening thing was that i achieved something that i was rather happy with, only to discover that it looked all wonky and crap on other people’s computers!! 

before that i’d tried livejournal. i was actually on there for two years or so. i put in a good few posts and posted a few reviews, but somehow it never stuck. it never felt like home. i hope this lasts longer – as i said to charlotte and carl, this feels more like my website – not just a page/diary within a community of diaries and pages…

i’m going to be reposting the first two posts from the blogspot website (in the unlikely even that you’ve visited my blogspot page, i apologise for reposting the same material) but except for that its going to be all new stuff!

so – hooray! welcome to my blog! hope you like it.

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