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rip 2007 r.i.p.


pooky and columbus helping me read 

what a time i’ve had! 🙂

doing this rip challenge has really helped make the transition from summer to interminable winter in this country a lot nicer! a conspiracy of circumstances, however, has meant that i haven’t been able to be as present in internet-land, but i have nevertheless felt connected to all the participants through the chills and thrills of the books we shared.

the funny thing about reading these books is that at times i’ve had adapt my reading habits. my favourite times for reading are at night before bed and when i’m in the bath and there were a few books that i found that i couldn’t read at those times…

it was in the early stages of “world war z” and i was reading happily in the bath about an apocolypse that was sweeping civilization and of how there was this mass (attempted) evacuation. people would be escaping through seemingly empty buildings… and then, suddenly, they’d hear a scratching at a door, or the shuffling of feet, a deathly moan, or, if they were really unlucky, feel the snatch and grasp of a hand on their arm!

anyway, so i finish the chapter and decide its time to finish up and get out… and then i notice how quiet it is! i knew charlotte was studying in the lounge, but i couldn’t hear her. my audio senses were also masked by the humming of the ventalator extractor fan thingie… quiet enough to frame the silence, but just loud enough to mask any moanings, or shufflings… !

i was very unnerved. just the thought that there might just be zombies outside the door…! i didn’t read about zombies in the bath again.

as for reading these kinds of books at night, well, i’m such a scaredy-cat when it comes to night-time that if i was afraid in the bath, i’m definitely not going to read about zombies before i lay my head down. i did have to put in a few chapters of “world war z” towards the end there and predictably i had apocolyptic nightmares…

so it was “dracula” and “the rest falls away” for me in the bath and in bed.

overall i really enjoyed all the books. my first two of the challenge were “dorian gray” and “the claw of conciliator”. dorian gray i enjoyed immensely and found it a subtle and thoughtful examination of the human mind. claw continued my very enjoyable journey with severian in his dark fantasy futuristic world, so i loved that.

thereafter i climbed into “the zombie survival guide”, “world war z”, “the rest falls away” and “dracula”. sadly i didn’t manage to finish dracula, as i ran out of time towards the end. i could’ve, i guess, squeezed it in, but as i had already completed the challenge by then i didn’t want to rush through a book that i am currently enjoying tremendously. there was a moment when i pushed through a few pages and then i just thought no, thats not the way i want to experience this book. also, this way my rip reading continues beyond october 🙂

the rest falls away was okay at first. smooth and easy, but nothing spectacular. and then… slowly… the story started weaving and twisting… and before i knew it was locked into the gaze of a vampire and i could not, no matter how i tried, put the book down.

the zombie survival guide was pretty good, but overal a bit too dry and factual. i know its a survival guide, and, as such, has to be based in fact… but still. wwz i enjoyed a lot more. wow. very very cool. full reviews will be coming up soon for both of those…

so thats the end of rip for this year (although, as i said, i’ll be cheating and extending my rip reading beyond the limits of ye poor mortals…). i had a great time! a big thank you to carl for hosting it once again and for making it so cool as always!!

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  1. November 1, 2007 at 5:28 pm

    It was a really fun challenge, wasn’t it?

    And nothing wrong with keeping on reading rip-ish stuff. After all, the days are still short and dark and the mood is still appropriate. I know I will be doing some more creepy reading this Autumn,

  2. November 1, 2007 at 6:15 pm

    I had so much fun with this challenge too! I loved your reviews and of the ones you read, I definitely have to read World War Z! That one sounds awesome. Like you, I love anything to do with zombies and it just sounds so cool!

    I’m still trying to figure out how people read in the bath…that never works for me…books just get wet :/

  3. November 1, 2007 at 6:19 pm

    This is the most fun I’ve had with a challenge!! Of course, it is my favorite genre!!

    World War Z was so creepy because it was written in such a way that you really believed it HAD happened! I LOVED it, and I’m really glad I read it.

    I also felt the same about The Rest Falls Away. Colleen really had me hooked by the end. I was blown away by the ending too. It really took me by surprise. I just started Rises the Night, and it starts out much quicker.

    Congrats on completely the challenge!

  4. November 5, 2007 at 4:01 am

    “i’ll be cheating and extending my rip reading beyond the limits of ye poor mortals…”

    Kind of like how vampires cheat death, by extending Un-Life…*evil laughter in deep booming Van Helsing voice*

    I like the challenges Carl hosts. They are flexible and open enough to be both manageable and you get to put in a good variety of books.

    I’m sort of amazed you can read in the bath – I think: “what if the book drowns?”

  5. jean pierre
    November 6, 2007 at 9:22 am


    yeah, it was great fun! and you’re absolutely right – the weather is just perfect for rip reading! 🙂


    you’ll definitely like wwz! i’ll write a proper review about it shortly, once i gather my bearings.

    as for reading in the bath… well, i guess my mom always used to do it and her’s never got wet, so i didn’t really think anything of when i started doing it. thankfully i haven’t dropped any books yet. bookmarks have been known to fall in the water though…


    you’re spot on about wwz – its the realism that got me. brook’s research… and those eye-witness accounts. i also felt like it was something that HAD happened…!

    and the end in “the rest falls away”! wow! very very cool.


    haha! i like that! 🙂

    yeah, carl’s challenges are badass.

    you’re also worried about the books… well, thus far no books have been harmed in the reading practices of jean pierre.

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