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well, jakes missed those busses…

yup, unfortunately jacques kallis couldn’t quite capitalize on playing bangladesh and missed out on getting some nice scores – in fact, he scored quite poorly. it was a bit of a conspiracy of circumstances…

in the first innings of the first test bangladesh played really well and bowled us out for 170, with kallis getting 17. i didn’t mind this too much ’cause in the process of getting us out for so little bangladesh got a 20 run lead and showed some mettle, and gave me hope that they’d improved enough to have become real competition.

unfortunately, i had the suspicion that they wouldn’t be able to maintain that new-found mettle and would capitulate in the second innings, leaving us a small score to chase for victory, and which would mean that kallis wouldn’t have another opportunity to get a big score.

and this is exactly what happened. bangladesh set us a mere 225 to win and with kallis coming in with only 80 needed to win, there wasn’t the greatest of motivation to hold on to one’s wicket, and he duly went out for a poor 7. one good thing to come out from the match was that kallis took 5 wickets! as he’s gotten older he’s bowled less and less, but on his day he’s still a very good bowler, capable of working up some surprising pace and swing.

in the second test, it was the opposite problem. stung by bangladesh’s strong performance at the start of the first test, south africa came out in belligerent mood. our opening batsmen amassed huge scores (both getting double hundreds) and in the process broke all sorts of records.

by the time old jakes came in our score was almost around 500 and there wasn’t much point in batting for much longer. so he ended up on 39 not out. and with bangladesh being bowled out for 259 in the first innings and still needing 270 runs just to make us bat again (with only 5 wickets in hand), the chances are pretty much nil that kallis will bat again.

so no runs for kallis then…

maybe next time.

but now the big games start, with south africa touring india at the end of the month. and thereafter we’ll be going to england for the summer and then down to australia in december. this is going to be a big year for our cricket team and for jacques kallis, not least because this is one of the last times that kallis will play these big teams – and almost certainly the last time he’ll play them all in one year.

much will depend on how well we perform with regards to our standing in the game, and jacques kallis’ within cricket’s pantheon. it is almost certain that if kallis performs well and south africa achieve good series results over the next 10 months, kallis’ status as one of the best the game has ever seen will be assured.

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