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my summer so far

August 6, 2009 10 comments

friends, shamanism is not without its responsibilities, so i am sorry that i have been invisible for so long again. to put it simply, i have been working my arse off. and then, on top of that, we are still without the internet at home.

we have managed to arrange a new computer, though, which is currently at charlotte’s mom’s house – but its been there for over a month now and we haven’t had a chance to go and get it!

apart from working i have been having some fun too. i’ve been to the movies a few times, which is about 3 times more than I did last year! i saw watchmen, star trek and terminator salvation. i thought watchmen was okay but too much of a fanboy movie. i loved star trek and enjoyed terminator quite a lot. in terminator i particularly liked sam worthington’s performance – he was the perfect mix between vulnerable and capable. capable seems an odd word to use, but that’s the word that was going through my head the whole time. he just exuded capability – i thought to myself, “now there is a man!”

of course, i’ve been reading lots too and have read some good books and some less good books. i’m planning to blog about them very soon – come hell or high water (the latter being surprisingly likely with our english summers!). i’ve decided that i will take a gonzo approach to my book reviews as part of the reason that i post so few is that they take me so long to write. so I hope you don’t mind the change in style!

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March 27, 2009 7 comments

i love this photo!

and people think cricket is boring…

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this is it, jakes

December 17, 2008 11 comments

this may be the last time jacquess kallis tours australia. in test cricket there are no world cups in which you can prove yourself and gain acclaim. in test cricket you prove yourself by your performances against the best teams in the world and for a good decade and a half australia has been the team that has stood head and shoulders above the rest. good performances against india, england and south africa are noticed – but its how you play against australia that makes people sit up.

he has performed quite well against them in the past – his maiden test century was against them at the mcg (when warne and mcgrath were in their pomp) and in the 2006 sydney test he scored a century and a fifty in one match. but even though he has performed very well in individual tests he has  never really shone in a series.

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a weekend of comebacks!

July 14, 2008 2 comments

south africa jubilant

what a sporting weekend its been! and is there anything better than a sporting comeback!

this weekend, after set-backs in cricket and rugby, both our teams came back fighting and it was a joy to see.

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well, jakes missed those busses…

yup, unfortunately jacques kallis couldn’t quite capitalize on playing bangladesh and missed out on getting some nice scores – in fact, he scored quite poorly. it was a bit of a conspiracy of circumstances…

in the first innings of the first test bangladesh played really well and bowled us out for 170, with kallis getting 17. i didn’t mind this too much ’cause in the process of getting us out for so little bangladesh got a 20 run lead and showed some mettle, and gave me hope that they’d improved enough to have become real competition.

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fill your boots jakes

February 21, 2008 5 comments

jacques kallis batting in the warm-up match in fatullah 

tomorrow is the start of south africa’s 2 match test series against bangladesh. because bangladesh are the second poorest test cricket nation it means that jacques kallis has a chance to score some big runs!

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the new years test in cape town

January 3, 2008 8 comments


in south africa there is a cricketing tradition of every year playing test matches on boxing day and on the 2nd of january. the one on boxing day is played in port elizabeth and the one on the 2nd of january is played in cape town, my old home town.

i love the tradition of these test matches and always look forward to them. there’s something quite special about sporting traditions and i love the feeling of partaking in it every year.

the cape town test is particularly special for me – partly because its played in my home town and partly because the ground where it is played – newlands – is one of the most beautiful cricket grounds in the world.

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