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my wife baked a cake!

January 28, 2009 8 comments




charlotte has often said how she used to bake a lot as a child but in the 5 years that we’ve known each other i’ve never seen any of this baking. she often said she fancied baking again but it never happened.


then the other day she actually started to write lists of what she’d need to get and even bought a book. she started planning what she was going to bake and on sunday we actually went and bought baking trays! the moment we got home she started fussing about the kitchen like mr. tumnus and before i knew it she was dancing about and madly babbling instructions to herself.

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i wanted to use the title “i aten’t dead”

July 8, 2008 13 comments

but as fun as it would be to use it, in the light of our dear friend terry’s plight it would seem rather inappropriate.

however, i will say that in the most light-hearted possible way i am indeed not dead!

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May 23, 2008 12 comments

good morning! 😀

this is what i saw this morning when i parked my car by the meadow. its a beautiful open field, part of which is used for grazing, however its seldom that you see animals at this part of the meadow. so this morning it was a nice surprise to be greeted by the cows when i walked to work!

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the hunt for the city of ember

May 21, 2008 7 comments

… oh, us book lovers can be such a pedantic lot, can’t we! 😀

so i’d read loads of fun reviews on carl’s once upon a time review site, and decided on one book that looks just wonderful – THE CITY OF EMBER.

i read the review on fuzzy cricket and was just captivated. thank you so much fuzzy cricket for a wonderful and mouth-watering review!

so now i want to buy it. but… i want that exact copy!

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the rage

April 25, 2008 6 comments

i forgot about this aspect of driving. how really little things can irritate you…



so this morning i park at the top of beaumont street, opposite the randolph hotel, to drop charlotte off. i’m sitting there waiting to get back into the traffic. then this bloke does this weird u-turn move in the middle of traffic and squeezes his nose in the small bit of loading-zone space in front of me.



i’m expecting him to carry on his weird 6-point turn manoeuvre, as he can’t possibly be wanting to park there.



can he?






the bastard. he is indeed trying to park there. so i look at him incredulously. and then i think, well lets help the guy out, i’ll reverse a little and then he can manoeuvre himself into there.


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welcome to chez de rosnay!

April 23, 2008 8 comments

there’s my new house! isn’t it pretty?

we’ve really loved being there so far and are settling in nicely. its taking some time to get used to country life with so many little things being different, like the heating, the water, the no internet, the bad tv signal, the no shops nearby and did i say the no internet!!!!?

but there are many other wonderful things about living there. its very beautiful and very quiet. we really like the house and i especially like the high ceilings and the space. 

the village is also very cute and has a lot of character!

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we have car!

March 25, 2008 11 comments

since i’ve come back from south africa and found out that we had to move out of our flat things have been rather hectic at home. we’ve been searching frantically for a new place and the whole thing has been made more difficult by the fact that we have the cats.

in all our searching we literally only found 3 places in oxford that allowed cats! as it is we were quite lucky that one of them was suitable – the only complication was that it was just out of reach of public transport, which meant that we had to get a car. cue more frantic searching and hence my sporadic blogging and presence on your blogs of late.

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