who’s this bombastic bagman anyway?

you may be wondering who’s this bombastic bagman? or you may know exactly who i’m talking about and have already started running!

the bombastic bagman was a spontanious creation by peter parker when he was once without his costume but needed to do his superhero thing. in order to conceal his identity he simply put a bag on his head and poked two holes in it for his eyes! brilliant! sadly his only appearance was in spectacular spider-man 256, peter parker having the presence of mind not to be caught without his costume again (or perhaps having the presence of mind to realise that wearing a bag on your head might look a bit stupid). 

if i remember correctly, what happens is that once he starts fighting the bad guys he becomes extremely garrulous and for no real reason delivers a barrage of silly insults and witty comments. one of the guys then asks who he is and he proclaims himself to be the “bombastic bagman!”. hahaha! i loved it! it was just so silly.

another reason i liked it so much was that the way he behaved was very much like the spider-man of old, the one i grew up with.

i thought i’d use the name for this blog because i can be very garrulous and silly and go on and on… a bit like a bombastic bagman (i feel sorry for people sometimes…).

unforunately i can’t find any other pictures of the bombastic bagman (as opposed to the just plain “bagman”). the only one i could get i’ve put at the top right of the page. if anyone finds any other pictures please let me know.

the (amazing?) bagman

the bombastic bagman wasn’t the first spider-man incarnation to wear a bag on his head. oh, no. before him there was one simply called “the bagman”. i think. or was it the amazing bagman? either way, spidey didn’t have a costume to wear and so borrowed one from the fantastic four – with less disastrous consequences this time. why he put a bag on his head, though, only he will know…

here are two more more pictures of the bagman. the first is an image of the character from the spider-man game and the second is a custom-made bagman. cool, hey?



  1. July 1, 2007 at 9:26 pm

    I was wondering where the name came from. Very fun custom action figure!

  2. July 1, 2007 at 10:06 pm

    What a great story as to how your blog name came about! I’m a huge spidey fan! I’ve gotten out of the comic circle lately, mostly because I can no longer afford it. But there was a time where I easily read 30 books a month and subscribed to every spidey series…ah the good old days…Every now and then I make a journey back to the comic shop, but I really can’t afford to get back into it again!

  3. jean pierre
    July 2, 2007 at 7:26 am

    carl, that is a very cool action figure. it makes me laugh to look at it! 🙂 its those eyes. i don’t think its intentional but the eyes look at times dopey, silly, tired or drunk… i don’t know. its quite ambiguous.

    chris, its definitely an expensive hobby. once you get into it you find yourself buying so many books!

    i myself don’t read as many marvel comics anymore; i mostly only read vertigo stuff now. this is partly because its too expensive and partly because i’m tired of marvel pissing about with their readers.

    i’d still read dc titles if i could afford it, though. i wish i could afford to get batman, but its hard – as you know from reading ongoings you can’t just dip in or read it for a while. and its not as if we don’t know what batman’s about, so it’d be better to explore something new.

    i’m sorely tempted to check out spidey again. its getting positive reviews. but then i just know i’ll be super irritated when spidey “quits” again, or mj “dies” again or aunt may is resurrected for the 20th time.

    i am getting batman withdrawal symptoms, though…

  4. Jeff S.
    July 4, 2007 at 4:46 am

    I love your blog’s title ” origin ” story. 🙂 I’ve always been a huge Spidey fan, too. I’ve collected his book on and off again over the years. The only title I get right now from his world is Ultimate Spider-Man. Bendis kind of restarted the character but updated him for this day and age. It’s a really fun book that has all the day to day and relationship problems in it that we all loved in the Spidey books growing up.

    Other comics I really enjoy right now are Walking Dead ( from Image – it is an incrediblely character driven Zombie book – I know that sounds ridiculous but trust me it’s good ), Fables from DC/Vertigo, Kabuki from Image ( this book has the best art in it hands down of any book on the market ), True Story Swear to God also from Image ( this is a romance humor book that my wife digs too ), and Artesia ( a great fantasy series I can’t recommend highly enough – gorgeous art and indepth story ). I’m sure I’ve forgotten others I’ll be kicking myself for later. Also since your a DC fan I suggest you read a mini-series that came out two years ago called The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke. It’s the best book they’ve put out in the last two years hands down in my humble opinion.

    I also tend to stay from the big ” event ” books since they usually disappoint. My favorite stories in the last five years are 5 to 12 issue runs or mini-series by creative writer/artist teams ie. Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale.

  5. jean pierre
    July 4, 2007 at 12:07 pm

    i’m glad you like it. it made me laugh so much and i thought the idea of making it my blog title was quite funny…! 🙂

    i’ve heard lots of good things about the bendis spider-man and its something i really have to check out sometime. that day to day basic stuff is so important to spidey, i can’t understand why marvel can’t do that for the main spider-man books. surely they can’t fail to see that that was the reason why so many of us read the book in the first place. we don’t need drama every week!

    i also like “the walking dead”. i’ve read the first two trades and enjoyed them. i like zombies so i’m quite easily satisfied. but you’re right, its very character driven which is cool. i have some criticisms about the first trade, though, but for the most part i’ve really enjoyed what i’ve read.

    and kabuki is very cool. isn’t mack amazing…?! i’ve read up to “metamorphosis”. i even went so far as to get the hardcover editions of “dreams” and “metamorphosis”, they’re beautiful!

    i haven’t read “true story swear to god”, “artesia” or “the new frontier”. they sound very cool – i’ll have to check them out!

    you’re right though, most of the best work tends to be the mini-series nowadays. i was really into “y: the last man”, but i think its seriously started to drag for the last two years…

    except for that i haven’t been able to buy any comics for about a year now. before that i read “swamp thing” and “sin city” – i couldn’t believe it’d taken me so long to get around to reading “sin city”!! i was blown away!

    i’ve also quite enjoyed some of steve niles’ stuff. the “30 days” stuff and also “criminal macabre”. if you haven’t read “criminal macabre” i can recommend it, its a lot of fun!

    i also enjoyed “deep sleeper” and “the coffin”, i think its by phil hester for an indie company, although i can’t be sure without looking at the book. “deep sleeper” is really good and some very original stuff. “the coffin” is very cool too and a wonderful premise! my only reservation is that they rushed the story to much – i would’ve liked to have seen them develop the plot more slowly. but i guess thats the problem with some minis, they try and pack too much in to make it dramatic and “exciting”, and make sure it sells…

  6. Jeff S.
    July 7, 2007 at 3:58 am

    I couldn’t agree with you more in regards to Spider-Man. I think Ultimate Spider-man is just the book you would like. Try out the first trade some time and let me know what you think.

    I’ve also have all the Kabuki books up threw Metamorphosis. I’ve been buying the single issues of his current series Alchemy but I haven’t read any yet. I’m just saving them all up to read the whole story at one time. I think that’s best to enjoy his books.

    I laughed on your comments in regards to Y: The Last Man because I felt the exact same way. I stopped getting it around 25 or so. I see now that the series is set to end at issue 60. I may try to read it all one day when it’s done. I loved the inital concept but the execution of the story was just too slow.

    The copy of Swamp Thing Vol.1 I ordered is coming in next wednesday. I was going to wait and read it as apart of Carl’s RIP challenge but I may have to crack into early. 🙂 I’m really intrigued to read it. I also have read the first Sin City book and need to read more. I can’t wait for Sin City 2. Hopefully in 2009 I guess is what it sounds like.

    I own 30 days of night also and I love it but what’s weird is I haven’t picked up any of the sequels. I’m going to look for Criminal Macabre. I looked at my shop tonight but we don’t have it in the back issue bins it appears so I’m going to have to look for it at other shops.

    I also enjoyed Deep Sleeper and The Coffin. I believe Carl also got both of them too. I will agree; cool story concepts and wonderful art. Phil Hester also lives just three hours north of us in Iowa so we’ve met him at some local comic book shows and he’s super nice. Mike Huddleston also is from Kansas City and he’s a great guy too. I agree on the rushed story comments you made too. I especailly liked the Deep Sleeper premise.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie 300 yet. It’s great. If you like it make sure you check out the graphic novel of it too. It’s the most faithful movie adaptation of a comic I’ve ever seen even more so then Sin City if you can believe it.

    Great talking comics with you. Other past works I really liked: Arrowsmith by Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheo, Danger Girl by J. Scott Campbell, Superman: A Man for All Seasons and Catwoman: When in Rome by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, It’s a Bird by Stephen Seagle and Teddy K., and any and all works by Mike Mignola especially his Hellboy series.

  7. jean pierre
    July 13, 2007 at 11:11 am

    i think i’ll definitely have to give ultimate spider-man a try. the premise of it annoys me somewhat but i have heard only positive things from it! seriously, i never hear a bad word about it, so it must be good.

    let me know how alchemy is when you read it. its nice saving them up and then reading them in one go like that. how do you keep your comics? i’m just curious, ’cause i really don’t like keeping them in boxes, and having moved around a bit of late i’m mainly buying trades for the last few years…

    yeah, y: the last man… its difficult, ’cause in principle i actually love slow stories and my BIGGEST criticism of books and films is always when they take things too fast. its something that i like about “the walking dead” so much, that it is slow-paced.

    so i don’t think i mind the slow pace of y, as such. i think i just don’t feel he’s developed the relationships particularly well… i don’t know. i’m about 8 issues from the end and thats how i feel at this juncture. i’d be interested to see what you make of it!

    you’ve got to read the other sin cities! i actually didn’t enjoy the first one so much – i felt miller really hit his stride in the second and third stories and i feel they are much better. they’re more focused and cohesive.

    ah… you and carl read “deep sleeper” and “the coffin” too! cool! and that both huddlestone and hester are near you… wow, thats very cool. the only guy i’ve ever seen out-and-about is simon bisley… and its so nice if they’re friendly and really good guys. i definitely want to read more of their stuff.

    i really liked “deep sleeper”. conceptually i liked them both, but i think they managed to fit the story into the small amount of issues better with “deep sleeper”, which is probably why i enjoyed it more. also, its just so original, isn’t it? very fresh!

    another thing, and i know this may sound weird, but i liked it that the main character was a black guy. there are hardly any in comics! i wish there were more black characters.

    i haven’t seen 300 but i’ve read it. i really enjoyed it! the film came out during my money drought which looks like it might just start clearing up at the end of this month…! i was really dissapointed i missed it and can’t wait to see the dvd!

    i’m glad to hear you liked it – since you also liked the comic so much.

    yeah, this is brilliant talking about comics with you! whenever i go to the shop i always get stuck there for ages! 😀

    i haven’t read any of those recommendations… i like campbell’s work on gen 13 so will definitely have a look at “danger girl”. i like the concept. and i’ll check out the superman one definitely. i’ve read one hellboy – “seed of destruction” – which was all right. i was expecting more. i want to read more hellboy, though. does it get better? or am i being overly critical?

  8. jean pierre
    July 13, 2007 at 11:12 am

    oh – and sorry for the long wait for my reply! i loved your response and enjoy talking about this. there was just so much to respond to!

  9. Jeff S.
    July 13, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    I promise I will reply to this this weekend but I have to run out to watch a movie with Carl and his wife tonight and I really want to repsond back with more detail.

  10. Jeff S.
    July 14, 2007 at 10:03 pm

    I will agree with you on slow stories and The Walking Dead is a great example of story that is character driven not action and it works just perfect. I’ll be curious what you think of Y when it’s all done.

    I have wanted to read the other sin cities too. I will have to do so. I was able to snag volumne one of Swamp Thing this week Now I just have to find to read it. 🙂

    I don’t think it’s weird you like that the main character of Deep Sleeper was black. Essentially all non-caucasin characters are pretty rare in comics it seems. Comic companies wonder why they don’t attract a more diverse readership and yet they continue to put out comics filled with mostly white males. Argh! They say one thing yet down another.

    I just think you will love 300. I think it’s coming out on DVD July 31st over here.

    As for Hellboy I think even though Seed of Destruction is the first graphic novel I also think it is the weakest. I would recommend the volume entitled Conqueror Worm and the volume entitled The Chain Coffin ( I believe it has the story entitled The Corpse which I really like ).

    It’s great talking comics with you.

  11. jean pierre
    July 18, 2007 at 12:48 pm

    oh! you got “swamp thing”! have you had a chance to flick through it? i’m normally very disciplined and don’t (and get very annoyed when friends do this before i’ve read it and open it up on big splash pages with revelations i didn’t know about and spoil everything!). sometimes i cave in, though, and sneak a quick look! 🙂

    yeah, the white male thing is really annoying…!

    well – i’m definitely keen to read some more “hellboy” now. i really liked the artwork a lot. i’m glad to hear that it improves.

    i haven’t read too much recently over the last year or so except for the “swamp thing” books… i really enjoyed “ojo” by sam kieth. its not as good as his other stuff, but i really like him so i enjoyed it a lot. i love his angle of approaching things. “the maxx” is my favourite comic – of like all comics!

    have you read any “sleeper”. i read vol. 2 last year and really enjoyed that. i’m sure you’ve read it, though. if so, what’d you think of it?

  12. Anonymous
    November 22, 2007 at 6:19 pm

    My m8 made this up! you poo’s

  13. Anonymous
    August 24, 2014 at 3:43 am

    Spectacular spiderman 256 or amazing spiderman 258?

    • jean pierre
      August 27, 2014 at 10:19 am

      hi there – it’s both, really.

      amazing spider-man 258 was the first time peter wore a bag on his head – when he needed a temporary costume after he’d realised the costume he was wearing was a symbiote.

      spectacular spider-man 256 was the second time peter wore a bag on his head and called himself the bombastic bagman.

  14. Anonymous
    October 19, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    Why does he have a fantastic 4 costume on?!?!?!?!

    • jean pierre
      December 23, 2014 at 11:04 am

      this was when spidey discovered that his black costume was an alien symbiote. he couldn’t wear it anymore but didn’t have a spare either, so had to borrow a fantastic four costume

  15. daincurse
    March 28, 2015 at 12:36 am

    Dear Bagman,
    I am a first time author writing to request a review from your site. Since you dig the derring-do II feel that my novel Dane Curse would be something you might enjoy. It’s a blend of classic gumshoe tropes and modern soft sci-fi comic book heroes, or better yet it’s a cross between DC comics and Mickey Spillane in the tradition of Powers and AKA Jessica Jones. The story begins when the world’s greatest superhero is mysteriously murdered, and only a former villain turned PI can find the killer in time. The novel was released on Amazon February 11th, is 83,000 words, and is available upon request. Thanks so much for your time and consideration.
    With warm regards,

  16. Anonymous
    June 16, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    The bombistac bag man is Mr fantisic

  17. Anonymous
    June 16, 2015 at 5:06 pm

    The bombiajjjjjjjksmmm👂👍💖👍💕💜👣👇👈👈✊👇👇💕👀💇😿😜🙋😟😞😖🙋😟🙋😜😒😱😟😱😳🐘🐨🐵🐆🐆🐨🐘🐼🐸🐻🐚🐟💖💖💖💖😞👍😿😿😞🐨🐨😖🙋🐼🐸🐻🐻👒🎩🎩🎓🎓👓⌚💉💊🚬💣🔪🔦🔦📓🔌🔌🔌🔋📘📘🔦🔕🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦

  18. February 4, 2017 at 3:39 pm


  1. March 31, 2014 at 6:02 am

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